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Japanese traditional music concert

 The Consulate-General of Japan held music concerts by "Wacocoro brothers & Akihito Obama"(Mr. Masahiro Nitta(Tsugaru Shamisen : Japanese guitar), Mr. shinta(Wadaiko : Japanese drums), Mr. Akihito Obama(Shakuhachi : Japanese flute)), organized exclusively for the Middle-East tour, through the Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists by Japan Foundation, at the garden of the Japanese Consul-General on 20th and 22nd February, 2014

 On February 20th, the "Wacocoro brothers & Akihito Obama" played 13 pieces of Japanese traditional music. It appealed very much to the audience who is not familiar with Japanese traditional music. They received standing ovations from the audience. They were besieged with a barrage of questions from the audience and the Jeddah based journalists.

 On February 22nd, the "Wacocoro brothers & Akihito Obama" performed the second concert at the garden of the Japanese Consul-General. The audience was impressed by the introduction of Japanese traditional musical instruments and their witty talks with full of fresh felling and lots of laughs. They moved their bodies to music enjoying the wonderful music.

 The concert was reported on the following newspapers.

Saudi Gazette


Arab news


From the left, Mr. Masahiro Nitta, Mr. Shinta, Mr. Akihito ObamaThe audience is watching performanceThe musicians and the audience
From the left, Mr. Masahiro Nitta, Mr. Shinta, Mr. Akihito Obama The audience is watching performance The musicians and the audience
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