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  • General Information about Japan

    Schedule : October 7th-16th
    Interview to international student studying in Japan after earthquake

    Japan Information Network (JIN)
    Extensive on-line database containing various information and topics about Japan. Among the sites included are:
    Regions & Cities
    Information resources and Web sites of Japan's prefectures and major cities. Each prefecture is introduced with data and photos of local features.
    Web Japan
    The site provides highly reliable information on Japan across many different genres including culture, sightseeing, society, history and nature.

  • Visiting Japan

    Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
    Official site with comprehensive travel guide including accommodations, eating out, festivals, and tourist attractions in Japan
    Islamic Center-Japan
    Non-political organization of Muslims in Japan. Contains Salat timetable, lists of Halal food stores and restaurants, etc.

  • Government, Politics and Foreign Policies

    Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
    The official site of the Prime Minister's Office.
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Comprehensive information resources of Japan's foreign policies, including statements, press releases and more.
    Japan Web Navigator (Government and Politics)
    Japan Directory (Politics / Administration)

  • Business and Economy

    Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
    Governmental organization promoting mutually beneficial trade and economic relations between Japan and other nations. The site has information on Japanese government procurements, as well as the Japanese economy and business.

  • Economic Cooperation

    JICA Saudi Arabia
    The local office of JICA in Riyadh.
    Japan's ODA
    General information on Japan's Official Development Assistance.

  • Media

    Foreign Press Center (FPC)
    Independent institution supporting members of the foreign press in their work in Japan. The site includes What's New e-mail Service, Japan Brief, Views from Japan as well as other useful services and resources.
    Government Internet TV

  • Education and Cultural Exchange

    Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide
    Official guide for those who wish to, or are going to, study in Japan.
    The Japan Foundation
    Governmental organization promoting cultural exchange between Japan and other countries. The site provides information on international cultural events, grant program guidelines, and publications
    Free Japanese learning website

  • International Contribution of Japan

    Saving life of the Mother and child in Cambodia
    Safe water supply in Rwanda
    Promoting Industry through "Kaizen" in Ethiopia
    Fortifying Parent-and-Child Healthcare in Palestine

    Consular Services

    Methods For a Court of a Foreign State to Request Japan to Serveb Judicial or Extrajudicial Documents and Take Evidence

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