Seminar on Food Education (Shoku-iku) by Chef Sato, Japanese Food Goodwill Ambassador

On September 21, the Consulate-General of Japan in Jeddah held a seminar on “Shoku-Iku” (Nutrition Education) for Saudis and the general public in Jeddah who are interested in Japan and Japanese food, inviting Mr. Taki Sato, who has been working for many years to promote Japanese food in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and was appointed by the Government of Japan as Japanese Food Goodwill Ambassador.
In this seminar, Mr. Sato focused on "Shoku Iku” (Nutrition Education), a hot topic in Japan, explaining the importance of promoting healthier eating habits and how Japanese cuisine helps to make better tasting and more flavorful dietary choices.
Specifically, he explained that “Umami”, an important element of Japanese cuisine, comes from a variety of ingredients such as kombu, bonito flakes, soy sauce, miso, seaweed, and aged foods, and that eating a diet with such "”mami" can help maintain a balanced and healthy eating habit. The audience showed a high level of interest in this presentation.
Consul-General Mr. Shimmura, congratulating people of Saudi Arabia on the 93rd Saudi National Day, thanked Mr. Sato for his active contribution to the promotion of Japanese food culture in Saudi Arabia. He hoped that today's seminar would be a good opportunity for people in Saudi Arabia to deepen knowledge and understanding of Japanese food culture.
Attendees commented that they wanted to delve deeper into Japanese culture, not just watch anime or learn the language, and that the seminar was meaningful in helping them learn more about Japan. The seminar was also reported in the Arab News (September 24, 2023), the leading English-language newspaper in the region, making it a meaningful opportunity to further promote Japanese food culture in the region.